luxury vinyl planks vs hardwood floors: which one should you install?

luxury vinyl planks vs hardwood floors: which one should you install?

Whether you've just moved into a new home or you've started working from home in the past few years and have noticed how worn your floors are, you may be thinking about installing new floors in your kitchen, living room, or dining room. There are a few great flooring options you can choose from. Today we'll be discussing?hardwood floors?and luxury vinyl planks. Each type of flooring has its own benefits. Let?s take a look at the benefits of both, so you can choose which one is right for your home and lifestyle.

Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Planks

When you?re planning to get new floors installed, you should make sure you set a budget. Cost is a huge factor when planning any part of a remodeling project. Luxury vinyl planks (LVP) are less expensive and easier to maintain than hardwood flooring. They?re durable and moisture resistant because they?re made from limestone, vinyl, and other plastics. Since they aren?t ruined by water, it?s a good material to install in a kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom.

If you have a busy life, you don?t have to worry about high maintenance with LVP floors. They?re easy to clean by using a special solution and a mop, and they never need refinishing or resealing. When you have kids and pets, vinyl floors can take a beating, but they?ll wear well. They won?t fade with exposure to the sun either, so you?ll always have the same color floors. Luxury vinyl planks maintain their quality appearance over time and increase the value of your home.?

Benefits of Hardwood Floors

When you want a durable and natural material like birch, oak, cherry, or maple that is environmentally friendly and recyclable, hardwood floors are the best choice. Although these floors cost more than LVP and require more care, they'll last a long time. According to the American Hardwood Information Center, the volume of forests and timberland has doubled in the last 50 years. This statistic shows that installing hardwood floors isn?t bad for the environment and shows just how much material there is for your new floors. Hardwood floors can be vacuumed, steam cleaned, or swept to remove dirt, which gives you a ton of options. These floors also won?t absorb stains or collect dust, pollen, and allergens like carpet. Some consumers will pay more for a house with hardwood floors installed.

Wood floors look good in any room and go well with most interior designs. Also, the color of hardwood doesn?t fade, but you can always get them refinished and resealed to keep them looking new.

These are some of the great benefits of luxury vinyl planks and hardwood floors. Deciding on what? the right one is for you depends on which one meets your family's needs. Get in touch with our team at Bell Hardwood Floors today! We can help you pick the right one for your home and lifestyle.