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What to know about residential flooring installation

Professional residential flooring installation plays a significant role in the success of your remodeling experience, especially in large spaces or whole-home projects. Therefore, it's crucial to work with specialists who are experienced and dedicated to this all-important service so that the process moves smoothly through each step. Here are some facts that could help you confidently plan your flooring installation experience from start to finish.

Flooring installation facts

Most homeowners who attempt their installations wish they hadn't and find out they have so much to gain by leaving it to the professionals. Training, experience, and necessary tools are what you'll achieve with professional flooring installers, but you'll get complete peace of mind as well. You won't have to worry about anything after making your specific flooring choices, as we care for everything else.

Once you select the materials you want to be installed in your home, we’ll give you all the details about the process, including what you can do before your flooring installation team arrives. We'll visit your home, take measurements of the installation space, and give you an estimate on the products and services. We'll also discuss furniture moving and removing your old flooring, if necessary, to ensure flooring installation is complete from start to finish.

One of the most sought-after benefits of professional flooring installation is that your manufacturer's warranties will remain valid even if something goes wrong with the materials.

You'll only pay for the exact amount of flooring installed in your home, so you don't have to worry about what you'll do with leftover material. We have the answers you need if you have questions about flooring maintenance or flooring repairs.



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Bell Hardwood Floors proudly serves our clients with decades of experience and dedication that shows in every step of our flooring installation process. From product selection to consultation and installation, we're here to ensure your remodel is as successful as you need it to be, however large or small. We look forward to hearing about your vision for every room and implementing your plans.

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