Hardwood refinishing


Hardwood refinishing is a necessity sometimes

If you have hardwood surfaces, sanding floors and refinishing them will become a necessity, so it's essential to understand what to look for and expect. Unfortunately, not all hardwood refinishing needs are apparent, so a little knowledge can go a long way in ensuring your best hardwood lifespan. Here are a few facts that could help if you've considered hardwood floor refinishing your surfaces.

Hardwood floor refinishing process

Some surfaces show signs of wear or abuse that bring you to a place where the need for refinishing is clear. However, others aren't easy to see, meaning a professional wood floor refinishing assessment is the best way to know. Once an inspection reveals a need, the plan can be implemented, and shopping for materials and services can start. The first step in hardwood floor refinishing is sanding away the damaged or worn layers to reveal a fresh, untouched surface. Next, a new stain color is added, and it’s important to note that you can change your stain color at this point if you prefer. Many homeowners do this to keep up with trending visuals or to create a change in their décor scheme. The next hardwood floor refinishing step is adding a finish that seals and protects against future wear, which is very important if you have pets, children, or both. In addition, a textured finish protects better against light scuffs and stains for floors that last longer between refinishing projects. If you'd like to know about all the finish options available, speak with a flooring professional while you're here to see what's all available.



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Unfinished flooring

Not only do we finish hardwood floors but we also install and offer unfinished hardwood floors as well. Here are some pros of unfinished hardwood flooring:

  1. Customization: Unfinished hardwood allows for greater customization and personalization. You have the flexibility to choose the exact stain color, finish type (such as oil-based or water-based), and sheen level (matte, satin, or gloss) to achieve the desired look for your flooring.

  2. Seamless appearance: Unfinished hardwood flooring is sanded and finished on-site, which means the planks can be leveled and smoothed out to create a seamless and even surface. This can result in a more uniform and cohesive look, especially in larger areas.

  3. Site-specific adjustments: Unfinished hardwood allows for adjustments to be made on-site to accommodate any irregularities in the subfloor or the room. Sanding the planks during installation can help address minor leveling issues and ensure a smooth surface.

  4. Deep penetration of finish: With unfinished hardwood, the finishing products have the opportunity to penetrate deeply into the wood fibers, which can enhance the durability and longevity of the floor. This can provide better protection against wear and tear, moisture, and UV damage.

  5. Higher quality materials: Unfinished hardwood flooring often comes in higher quality grades and species options. You have a wider selection of premium hardwoods to choose from, including rare or exotic species that may not be available in pre-finished options.

  6. Easier repairs and refinishing: Unfinished hardwood floors can be easier to repair and refinish in the future. If your floor gets scratched or damaged, it can be sanded down and refinished without the need to replace the entire floor. This can save time and money in the long run.

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Bell Hardwood Floors is a flooring company that offers excellent materials and services, dealing only with the most reputable brands for your hardwood floor refinishing. We also take your preferences and requirements and turn them into the flooring of your dreams, no matter how large or small your remodel is. So, share your needs with us, and we'll assess the situation and outline how we can help.

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