3 unique styles of hardwood flooring

3 unique styles of hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is a design favorite. Hardwood flooring adds warmth to any home. There are countless options to choose from when you are deciding on hardwood flooring for your home. If you are looking for unique?hardwood flooring?designs, you have come to the right place. Consider these three beautiful and unique designs to turn your house into a showcase home.

1. Rustic Whiskey Barrel Desig

Traditional whiskey barrel floors get their name from recycled whiskey barrels. These floors are made from old wooden whiskey caskets. They are not a specific design style, but more of a specific material style. However, thanks to modern advances, you don't need pallets full of whiskey barrels anymore to get the look.

Artisans that specialize in creating unique-looking hardwood floors can mimic the design of the whisky barrel floor by using different species of woods and post-installation aging techniques. You will love this hardwood floor design if you love a rustic look.

2. Wood Parquet Flooring

Elegant wood parquet flooring adds a touch of tradition to any home. Parquet flooring was a symbol of wealth during the early 1900s. Only the best homes were outfitted with these complex floors. Today, a craftsman can easily pull together a beautiful parquet floor by mixing light and dark wood together in a wide range of shapes. Overall, parquet flooring is stunning. It's a very different take from plank wood floors and adds interest to any room with a touch of class.

3. Herringbone Pattern Floors

Herringbone pattern wood floors add a lot of visual interest. The wood is often laid out in a v pattern, and in most cases, the wood is stained the same color to give a more uniform look. Herringbone patterned wood floors are similar to parquet floors and are often mislabeled as parquet flooring. Herringbone patterned wood floors are a separate type of style. This interesting design can be used in large rooms, small rooms, and even entryways.

Hardwood floors are more popular than ever. According to the National Wood Flooring Association, the industry employs about 45,000 individuals and generates about $4 billion of GDP in the United States. It also generates about $8.5 billion in economic output in the United States. Choosing a unique style of wood flooring can make your home stand out. Learn more about unique hardwood floor designs today at Bell Hardwood Floors.