3 advantages to installing hardwood floors

3 advantages to installing hardwood floors

Renovating a home can be an exciting and refreshing change for your family. The home's aesthetic appearance and feel will be transformed. Bell Hardwood Floors offers services in?hardwood flooring Jackson WY?and Southeast ID trust. The benefits are endless, but here are a few examples.


A new hardwood flooring installation can improve the comfort of your home. Tile is a naturally cool surface that makes walking around barefoot a challenge, especially in the winter. Hardwood floors are the opposite: they heat your feet, allowing you to be more comfortable in your home and retain heat in the colder months.


With hardwood flooring, there is no danger of cracks forming when an object is dropped or when water is seeping between the slats. When spills occur, they wipe right up and do not stain the same way they might on linoleum or carpet. According to Flooring Clarity, 35% of people even chose vinyl flooring that mimics hardwood because it also has the capability to deal with moisture and water easily. Luxury vinyl flooring is an affordable option for those who may be concerned by the price of true hardwood. Vinyl looks and feels nearly identical to wood!


Like any flooring style, customization is an essential option to consider. Brown tends to go with many color palettes, but there are a variety of wood options to choose from that may add subtle variation to your color scheme. Red, orange, and yellow tints are all popular and may go well with the theme of your interior. Completing a project such as a kitchen renovation may also inspire you to expand the reach of your hardwood floors, say, to the living room and dining room. Carpet can be a hassle to maintain; it's best to replace your carpets with hardwood sooner rather than later to avoid any unnecessary maintenance.

The hardwood flooring Jackson, WY trusts is with Bell Hardwood Floors' services. This company not only offers installation services, but also sells materials and tools that allow you to potentially DIY the whole project! You can save money on the service and make a lifetime experience out of renovating your home. If you want to make flooring change, be sure to contact our services for tips, recommendations, and all your hardware needs!