why a luxury vinyl floor is right for your kitchen

why a luxury vinyl floor is right for your kitchen

Choosing the right flooring for your kitchen can be tough. Of the different flooring options, a luxury vinyl floor can be a particularly beneficial option. If you're considering one for your kitchen but you're on the fence about it, then here's what you should know before making the purchase.


Messes are common in the kitchen, so you need a floor that can stand up to spills and stains. Luxury vinyl flooring is water and stain-resistant, which means you don't have to worry about spilling food or drinks on your floor. Modern vinyl flooring is also scratch-resistant, which is a huge plus if you have kids who make messes in the kitchen. Quality vinyl floors are even tough enough to stand up to heavy foot traffic and pets, so toughness is never a concern with vinyl.


You don't want to spend money on new floors if you're going to need to replace them in a few years. Vinyl flooring can last a decade or two if it's properly installed, according to Forbes, which means you don't have to worry about replacing your floors for a while after the initial installation. If you take good care of your floors and make an effort to prevent scratches and water damage, then they'll last even longer.


Style is a crucial factor when you're trying to achieve that luxury kitchen look, and luxury vinyl floors are one of the most stylish options. Vinyl flooring is available in so many different varieties, and it can even mimic the look of various types of woods and stains. Even better, you can count on the style to stick around since vinyl flooring is so durable.


If you're looking for affordable luxury, then you want flooring that's easy to install. A?luxury vinyl floor?can be installed in your kitchen in just a day or two in many cases. According to The Spruce, most vinyl floor planks are 36 or 48 inches long, but a professional can cut those planks to make sure your floor fits your kitchen perfectly.

Your kitchen is one of the main areas in your home, so new kitchen flooring can really change the way your home looks and feels. When it comes to kitchen flooring, vinyl is a great option. Contact Bell Hardwood Floors today to find out more about luxury vinyl flooring or schedule an installation.