Our Service Area - Jackson, WY

Bell Hardwood Floors has been serving the Jackson, Wyoming area for over 33 years. We have helped restore many hardwood floors in Jackson. If you have existing wood floors, we can refinish them to make them look like new. If your floor is not in need of sanding down to the bare wood, we can also give your floor a nice maintenance coat.

We also install new flooring in the Jackson area. Whether you are looking for prefinished or unfinished hardwood, vinyl, or laminate, Bell Hardwood can take care of installation for you. We have done floors in various businesses in Jackson, such as: The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, Wyoming Outfitters, and Four Seasons, just to name a few! Go and check them out!

If you have commercial flooring needs, Bell Hardwood can help make sure you have the best flooring to suit your business. However, we also help Jackson homeowners find the floor that is right for them. Whether you are looking for hardwood, vinyl, or laminate, Bell Hardwood Floors can help you find it!

If you are in need of flooring work done in the Jackson, Wyoming area, let Bell Hardwood Floors give you a free estimate! Call today!